Meet the Greeks Behind the Viral Selfie

Meet Patricia (Panayiota) Bourikas, a 20-year-old Greek-Canadian that had no idea was was in store when she went to the Toronto Maple Leafs game on Saturday, Nov. 16 with her younger brother, and “ginormous” Leafs fan, Kosta. During the game, cameras caught them mid-selfie – check it out below.

Initially, people thought it was a disgruntled boyfriend who was annoyed with having to take a selfie. But the reason behind Kosta’s grumpy cat-like face was that his Maple Leafs were losing – by a lot.

So lets meet the siblings. They were born and raised in Toronto, and also have an older brother named Billy (Vasili) Bourikas, also known as DJ Golden Feta. Their dad’s family is from Kalamata and their mom’s family is mostly from from a small village near Sparti, called Apidia.

Of course, we had to jump into the mix with a meme, too. You can check out the collection of memes on Instagram here.

Here are some more photos…

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