[Photos] Imagine Visiting Your Former Home in Occupied Cyprus

I’m sure you’ve recently seen something on social media referring to the 45-year anniversary of the illegal occupationn of Cyprus by Turkey. We forget, however, the impact this truly had on families living there at the time. How about a first-hand story with photos?

From my friend, Chris Marcovici, who went to Cyprus this summer. In his own words…

45 years after the invasion and illegal occupation by Turkey, I was able to visit Famagousta, Cyprus. The city I first lived in which is still being kept as a ‘ghost city’ to this day. With only Turkish military personal allowed inside. Mixed emotions as I drove around the area and saw the barbwire fencing and dilapidated buildings. Heartbreaking and upsetting. Such a shame that such a beautiful city is being held as a bargaining chip. And so disappointing to see tourists taking advantage of a ‘cheap’ vacation. The juxtaposition of people vacationing with the backdrop of the bombed out buildings behind them is shocking. The last 2 pics are of the house my parents designed and built 2 blocks from the beach that we were forced to leave. On the 45th anniversary of the invasion, please remember to refer to northern Cyprus as the ‘occupied territory’. There is only 1 Cyprus. Never forget.

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