Sundance 2017: Movies, Snow and Meeting Elena Kampouris

Every year I get to go out to Park City, UT for the Sundance Film Festival, and I love it. Mostly because of the snow – but also because of the atmosphere during the film festival. Park City is gorgeous and Main Street is full of amazing restaurants and bars. Too bad I don’t ski or I’d try to make it out there more often.

While attending Sundance, I was able to get away to attend the premiere of “Before I Fall“, a movie based on the novel of the same name written by Lauren Oliver. The coolest part about premieres at Sundance are the Q&A sessions afterwards, which typically include the cast, director and other people relevant to the production of the film. I only had a limited time in Park City, so I chose this film – mostly due to the fact that fellow Greek actress, Elena Kampouris, was part of it. You may not recognize her because of the drastic change in appearance from her previous film, but she was the daughter in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2“. Great actress, and she does a superb job in this film. And the icing on the cake? Getting a chance to meet her after the premiere! Now, I’m no movie reviewer so I’m not going to get into that – but I will say, I really enjoyed the film. It received a standing ovation with an extended applause at the premiere, so check it out when it hits U.S. theaters on March 3, 2017.

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