[Opinion] Why Parthenon Marbles Should Remain in a British Museum

They shouldn’t!


Are you kidding me? The Parthenon Marbles were stolen by Lord Elgin in the early 1800’s, during Ottoman occupancy, and have been illegally possessed by the Brits ever since. Give them back already!

Acceptable Names

  1. Parthenon Marbles
  2. Parthenon Sculptures
  3. Greek Marbles from the Parthenon
  4. Beautiful Greek Art
  5. Parthenon Decor
  6. Sculptures formerly attached to Parthenon
  7. Stolen Marbles

Unacceptable Names

  1. Elgin Marbles!

Its time we STOP referring to them as the Elgin Marbles – that signifies some sort of possession or ownership by Lord Elgin. And we know that’s NOT the case!

Greek art should be in Greece. Period. Bring ’em home!


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  1. Marina Machairas

    Re: Parthenon Marbles This is a travesty of the highest order. The “Marbles” should be returned to the Parthenon from whence they were taken/stolen by Lord Elgin in the early 1800’s. England has unlawfully kept them all this time. It’s time they were returned to the Parthenon in Athens.

    No more excuses!! Return them…

    The world is watching and waiting for them to be reunited in their birthplace.

    Marina Machairas


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